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Xmas In July!

My holiday card last winter.

Signature Man

Over the years, the “V” in my signature has evolved into a sort of horn-headed petroglyph.  Fans of my Crypto Zoo will know why.  A while back I thought it might be fun to give a body to the head and this is how he came out.


More Miracleman Goodies

Cory Sedimeier, who is editing the Marvel Miracleman editions, has dug up a treasure trove of archival stuff from the Eclipse archives. He passed along these xerox’s of my pencils on the project. Its wild to see them after 29 years! Here’s pages 11 and 12 from Miracleman #10.

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Bates Inked



And here are the pencils to my cover for Miracleman #10.  I’ll post some inks tomorrow.

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Long time no blog!  Thanks for all the emails wondering if I was okay.  The short answer is yes, I’m better than ever.  I got out of the habit of daily blogging and need to get back into it to share some of the interesting stuff I’ve been doing.

For starts, here are the pencils to my cover for Miracleman #9 just solicited from Marvel.  More soon; I promise hope!