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The Return Of Sun Comics!

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Super Catchy isn’t the only new thing I’ve got going.  I’ve also launched a new imprint, SUN COMICS.  Actually, it’s new to everyone else, but to me its a relaunch of my childhood comic book company, SUN COMICS.   If you search this site you can find samples of these home brewed comics by my much younger self.

Not getting rid of King Hell or anything.  But I am completing a creative circle.  I’ll have more info on SUN COMICS as soon as I’m back from Baltimore Con.  See ya’ there?


Super Catchy Is Available On


As announced, I’ll have copies of my latest all-new book at Baltimore Comic-Con Sept 2-4.  If you are at the show, stop by and grab a copy.

But if you can’t make it to Baltimore, you can purchase Super Catchy on, right now!  It’s a Print-On-Demand book, so the price is a little higher than I would normally want to charge, but the color reproduction is really really good (and we were trying to knock readers’ eyes out of their heads with our approach to color).


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Catching Up With Super Catchy


Super Catchy is a brand new book I’ll be debuting at Baltimore Comic-Con Sept 2-4.  I’ll also have Swamp Thing, Supreme, Greyshirt and 1963 original art.  And probably be doing sketches and signing comics too. So come on by the booth and say hi.

What Is Super Catchy, You Ask?


It’s a new book of all new material by Rick Veitch!  More tomorrow.

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What Is Super Catchy?

SuperCatchy43More answers tomorrow!

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