Rare Bit Fiends Rides Again!


It’s been twenty years since the last issue of my dream comic, Roaring’ Rick’s Rare Bit Fiends.  But as of today, you can get the brand new issue #22,  on Amazon.com.

It’s a 52 pager, with chapter one of a new series meditating on dreams, titled The Art Of Mercurius.  And chapter two of Subtleman, which was left hanging in the last issue of Rare Bit Fiends back in 1996.

It’s a Print On Demand book, like my recent release, Super Catchy, and I have to say I am delighted with the reproduction on both those books. At this point I have no plans to release either of them through Diamond.  (I guess I’m thinking of them as very limited art objects rather than commercial products.)  If you are a retailer and want to pick some copies up, email me and we can work out terms to sell direct.

  1. Bryan December 6th, 2016 11:30 am

    Ordered! 52 pages!! Exciting news!!!

  2. Shay January 1st, 2017 12:28 pm

    So this is part of Sun Comics too? Trying to find method in the madness 🙂