Cast In Bronze

After that interview, it’s time for a little color.

This is the cover to GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET #3.

If This Be Payday!

A cover I did for a comics news magazine circa 1993, promoting the late lamented 1963 series.

Own ‘The Lady Or The Tiger’ Cover Art!

This piece was done for the cover of GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET #2. It’s in perfect condition and I’d like to get $650 for it. If that sounds like a lot bear in mind one of the other covers in this series just sold for $1600, so I think it’s a fair price (and a good investment). If you are interested in making it your own, e-mail me.

The Retro Madness Is Still Upon Me

Another faux Silver Age cover from the same issue of SUPREME.


Here’s a lovely color I’m offering up for sale. It was the first cover from my miniseries GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET. It’s in perfect condition and I’d like to get $550 for it. If you are interested in making it your own, shoot me an e-mail.

All Tied Up In Knots


The cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #16. Ink, dies, colored pencils and gouache, 1996.

Science Hero Employment Agency


When Kevin Nowlan had to take a break from doing new JACK B. QUICK stories, we teased the arrival of a new headliner to TOMORROW STORIES #6 with my cover. I like all these characters waiting in line, but I think 3-D DOG, in red and blue double vision in the center of the illustration, is my favorite.

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Happy Solstice


A little holiday multiculturalism with the cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #11.

My Fingerprints Are All Over This


This is my painting for the cover to RARE BIT FIENDS #19, a mix of watercolor, gauche and colored pencil. The little symbol in the fingerprint was this thing that spontaneously popped up in my dreams while I was working on the book. I later found something similar in a symbol book that had been left on the wall of a neolithic cave in Germany.

Hanging In The Smithsonian


Something I’d completely forgotten that I found in a box yesterday. It’s the December 1992 issue of SMITHSONIAN Magazine that used my cover painting from TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #25 to illustrate an article on the TURTLES as a marketing phenomena. The SMITHSONIAN reported that in 1992 “Ninety percent of American boys between ages 3 and 8 own at least one Turtle figure.”

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