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After a feast of self promotion, this blog needs something to cleanse the palate.  Perhaps this early exercise when I was teaching myself Photoshop will do the trick.

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Postcard From Vermont

My brother, Michael Veitch, a singer-songwriter of some renown; has just released a new collection of his Vermont themed tunes.  He asked me to do the art for the release and here’s how the download card came out.  He’s giving a couple songs away as a free download.  Just head over to and use the code  1WWHT3IV to redeem the goodies.


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Stand Up Tragedy

This is an illustration I collaborated on for an upcoming play in New York City titled STAND-UP TRAGEDY.  The story concerns a teen-age kid in the Lower East Side during the 1980’s dealing with problems at home and problems at school.  The kid has some art talent and an active fantasy life built around his own superhero creation, SAGA but he’s up against some powerful negative forces.  The play was written by Bill Cain and will be performed April 13  through May 4 at Nativity Church, 44 Second Avenue in NYC.  Tickets and information here.

The illustration is a collaboration between myself and Manny Skerret, a talented young student.  I came up with the design and did the outer panels while Manny perfectly captured SAGA as he inhabits the lead character’s teen age imagination. Manny is also doing art and animations that will be incorporated into the performance.

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The Nose Knows

An unused character sketch from the Prepare To Cope educational comics project that I’ve been working on for the last couple years.

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We Continue To Interupt This Dream For An Obama Coin

Seeing all the news reports about the so-called “Obama Coin” got me thinking.  I had an Obama Coin image!  I made it in 2008 as a Photoshop learning exercise.  If any art directors out there would like to license it to illustrate an article, get in touch.

The Complete Snarg And Toot

This is as far as I got.

Zen Pain Tomorrow

Digital sketch.  November 2012.


God’s Bee

Digital sketch.  Summer of 2012

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Falling Schmitz

If you live in Europe, today  you can pick up the German edition of WIRED with 7 pages of comics by me. It’s about the rise and fall of Kim Schmitz aka Kim Dotcom; the founder of the Mega-Upload site who was busted big time in New Zealand a few months ago.  This is the frontspiece to the magazine before they added the copy.

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