Playing On The Cintiq

Not A Slime Mold In Site

Playing with a set of manga marker pens in my sketchbook.


Sometimes you pick up the sketchbook, you have no idea what’s going to come out.

Not Slime Mold

Marker in sketchbook from photo.

Hot Wax

Here’s the recent EP pressing of “We Vibrate” by German punk band, EROTIC DEVICES, with art and lettering by me. These guys have a great driving Ramones flavored sound.

So What Is It With The Furshlugginer Slime Mold?

I can’t explain it.

Another Slimy Moldy One

Playing with textures in the sketchbook.  Based on another photo of slime mold.

Slimy Moldy Sketch

Sketchbookin’ from a close up photo of a species of slime mold.

Only Harvey Would Try To Shovel With A Broken Arm

A penciled page from “NEIGHBORS” written by the late great Harvey Pekar.

Another Back Of The Drawer Find

Mid-1990’s concept art for a horror movie pitch. I think.

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