We Interupt This Dream To Sell Some Original Art

Here’s a DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD from Tomorrow Stories #5 which I’ve just added to the Original Art Gallery. Click on over for pricing and to see larger versions of both pages.

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Own The SHIPMATES Original Art

One of the new offerings in my revamped Original Art gallery is SHIPMATES, the complete five page fully painted short story I did for EPIC Illustrated that many people speak fondly of. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger sized version of the whole thing fully assembled. Visit the Gallery for pricing and scans of each of the five original pieces.

Own ‘The Lady Or The Tiger’ Cover Art!

This piece was done for the cover of GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET #2. It’s in perfect condition and I’d like to get $650 for it. If that sounds like a lot bear in mind one of the other covers in this series just sold for $1600, so I think it’s a fair price (and a good investment). If you are interested in making it your own, e-mail me.

Original Character Designs Under The Tree

With the holidays fast approaching, here are some reasonably priced, highly pedigreed pieces of original art that will make lovely gifts. These character designs were done for Alan Moore’s recreation of the Awesome Universe back in the late 1990’s. Each is executed in pen and ink by me on a half sheet of Image illustration board. If you are in the USA these can be Priority Mailed to reach you in time for Christmas. International may be a little more problematic, but we should be able to figure something out. Either way, shoot me an e-mail before some grinch grabs the one you want!


The Fisherman and Skipper. $100 plus $10 Priority Mail and Insurance in the USA.


Captain Compass. $100 plus $10 Priority Mail and Insurance in the USA.


Spacehunter. $100 plus $10 Priority Mail and Insurance in the USA.

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Give The Gift Of Something Totally Twisted


We’ve all know someone who grooves on the strangest, weirdest, most over-the-top, pop culture artifacts. If you’ve got such a subterranean culture vulture on your holiday gift giving list we suggest this certifiably insane page of original art for BLOODHUNTER #1 with script and pencils by Rick Veitch, inks by Eric Cannon and Norm Raprund and lettering by Steve Dutro.

The page is in perfect condition and I’m asking $175 for it. If you’d like to put it under some lucky stiff’s tree, get in touch with me.

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Give The Gift Supreme!


This holiday, rather than burden your friends or loved ones with some piece of crap destined to break or become obsolete, why not surprise them with original comic book art; the gift that will not only make visions of super-sugarplums dance in their heads but also appreciate in value as the years go by?

In fact, why not give them the actual original art for page 11 of SUPREME #42? It boasts pencils and inks by me, Rick Veitch, script by Alan Moore and lettering, on the board, by Todd Klein. It’s in perfect condition, ready for framing and I’d like to get $250 for it.

If you’d like to put this one-of-a-kind art object under someone’s tree, just e-mail me to reserve it before some other Santa beats you to the punch.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

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Own A Swamp Thing And Abby DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD!


Here’s a monster-size piece of original art. Two pieces, actually; pages 10 and 11 of SWAMP THING #72 with ABBY and SWAMP THING canoodling in the swamp while CONSTANTINE tracks down clues to the coming apocalypse in some remote jungle location. Originally created on the extra-large boards DC used back in the mid to late 80’s, this baby measures a whopping 25″ x 20″! Script and pencils by me, inks by Alfredo Alcala and lettering by John Costanza. Here are each page in close-up:


In the printed version a ghostly image of SWAMP THING appears kissing ABBY in the last panel. This is included as a photostat overlay of the original art.


Both pages are in excellent condition. I’ve been getting $375 for these double page spreads. If you’d like to make this one your own just give me a shout.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

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Own The World’s Greatest Comics Pencils


Here is a page of my pencils from Marvel’s WORLD’S GREATEST COMICS MAGAZINE. It’s page 20 to be exact and was inked on a separate board by Terry Beatty. It showcases a whole passle of Marvel characters including Reed and Sue Richards, Thor, Captain America, Thing, Submariner, Giant Man and whatever that giant whale guy was called (Gigantor?).

It’s in perfect condition and I’d like to get $250 for it. If you are interested in owning it, shoot me an e-mail.

My special 20% off sale is still going on. If any of these pieces tickle your fancy, move quickly. Two sold yesterday and I’ll be taking any that are left down in a week.

©Marvel Enterprises

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Special ‘My Computer Died’ CLEARANCE SALE Of Original Art!


Well, the good news is the hard drive is okay, meaning I haven’t lost any files. But the bad news is that the logic board of my trusty old G5 has given up the ghost and its time for a new mac (along with the latest Adobe CS). To help defray the costs, I’m running a special 20% off clearance sale on the unsold original art I’ve been offering here on the blog! Any pieces that don’t move in the next couple weeks, I’ll take down and return to my convention portfolio. So if you’ve been considering a Veitch original, now will be the best time ever to shoot me an e-mail. Click on the links to see the pieces I’m offering.

First up is the complete 4 page STORYBOOK SMITH story from JUDGEMENT DAY #3. Script by Alan Moore, art by Rick Veitch, lettering by Todd Klein. There can’t be many complete Alan Moore stories available anywhere. I was asking $900 for this complete story, now $720. UPDATE: We have a buyer for STORYBOOK SMITH.

Next is a beautiful faux-Kirby style SUPREME original, Page 12 from SUPREME THE RETURN. Was $300, now $240.

A killer BLOODHUNTER cover; originally $375, now $300.

A gorgeous ABBY AND THE SPROUT page; SWAMP THING #74, Page 19. Was $150, now $135.

A hilarious and surreal collage piece, from my collaboration with Steve Bissette on Stephen Spielberg’s 1941. Was $300 now $240.

The last SWAMP THING cover that I have, from #81. Was $500, now $400.

The kick ass JAIL BAIT splash from GREYSHIRT INDIGO SUNSET. Was $300, now $240.

A completely insane Nazi Cockroach page written by Alan Moore for TOMORROW STORIES #11. Was $250, now $200.

An amazing SWAMP THING and METRON page from SWAMP THING #62. Was $200, now $160. UPDATE: We have a buyer for SWAMP THING AND METRON.

And finally the cover to GREYSHIRT: INDIGO SUNSET #1. Was $550, now $440.

Prices do not include shipping and insurance.

Own The Man Of Steel!


This is Page 13 from SWAMP THING #79, in which SUPERMAN and SWAMPY cross paths. Script and pencils by me, inks by Alfredo Alcala and lettering (on the board) by John Costanza. This original is on the extra large boards Vertigo used during the 1980’s. The final panel is a stat paste up as are the balloons on the previous two panels so it is not in pristine perfect condition. There were editorial problems with how I handled SUPERMAN in the first version I handed in and the paste ups were the fixes they asked me to do. Put this piece on a lightbox and you can see what I originally wrote and drew that didn’t pass muster with DC.

I’d like to get $225 for this original. If you’d like to own it, give me a shout.

You can check out some of the other originals I’ve put up for sale on this site; some sold and some still available.

UPDATE: We have a buyer.

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