I always dug this panel from The Maximortal.

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Krackling Color #4

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Krackling Color #3

I sincerely hope this art posting serves, in some small way, as an antidote to today’s Black Friday marketing mind rape going on all across the net.

Krackling Color #2

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Krackling Color #1

This week’s post about the Kirby Krackle got me a ton of pingbacks and a big boost in traffic. If you’re new to this site, it’s a visual blog featuring my work and spanning my whole lifetime. I’ve been posting regularly for about three years now so there is plenty to see. Dig in!

And just to stay in the mood, here’s a colorized version of an abstract strip I did a while back, riffing on the Kirby Krackle. I’ll be running a new page every day all week.

Further Education

A penciled panel from the educational project I’m working on.

Educational Comics

A panel from a “comics in schools” pilot program I’m working on right now.

Casey Jones Losing It

Here’s a photocopy of a penciled and lettered splash from the 1994 Mirage mini-series “North By Downeast” starring everyone’s favorite fuck-up vigilante, Casey Jones. Kevin Eastman co-plotted and inked me on this wacky saga. I’ve just added it to the King Hell Bargain Basement so if you head down there you can pick up both issues, signed. I’ve only got a handful of sets and I doubt this story will ever be reprinted so get ’em while the gittin’ is good, as they say.

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Unknown Soldier #21

My fill-in issue of Unknown Soldier #21 is being released this week. Alex Dueben interviews me about it over on Comic Book Resources. Lots of sample script pages, pencils, inks and colors. And IGN has a nice review too.

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Art Of War

Pencils from ARMY@LOVE: ART OF WAR #4. Magoon freaks out.

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