The Art Of Mercurius

Here’s a few sample pages from the new Rare Bit Fiends in which I’m beginning a new story arc, titled “The Art Of Mercurius”. Not to be confused with the god Mercury,  Mercurius is the mysterious central figure at the heart of alchemy.  My personal dreamwork got really interesting in the last few years with the appearance of this guy in my dreams.  He behaves like no other dream character; looking directly at me and speaking my name.  He seems to be an artist intent on showing me his work. He shows up regularly and he looks like Sandman!

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Tomorrow I’ll run some pages from Subtleman, which continues where I left off back in 1996.


Sharon Tate and Her Mom

Sharon and Mom

Another pen and ink from the upcoming Sharon Tate: a life  by Ed Sanders.




Here’s one of the pen and ink illustrations I did for Ed Sanders new biography of Sharon Tate. If you are interested in some of the dark roads and back alleys of the sixties, Ed is the man to light the way. Fans of his best sellers The Family and Tales Of Beatnik Glory will know what I mean.  Sharon Tate: A Life will be released January 5th with over a dozen new illustrations by me.

The Flying Dutchman

In 1988 I launched King Hell Press out of an old Airstream travel trailer that I’d gutted and retrofitted as an art studio.   It was a 1950’s era design and manufacture and the original owner had riveted his nickname, The Flying Dutchman, to it’s prow.  It looked like it had circled the country more than a few times. I knocked out a LOT of comics from it’s cramped submarine-like quarters:  BRAT PACK,  MAXIMORTAL, 1963, a bunch of TURTLES stuff, SWAMP THING and who knows what else?

I did this pen and ink of the Dutchman parked under the maple and ash trees where it overlooked the pond. In the window you can see the small stained glass that hung right in front of my writing desk.

I ended up selling the thing to a guy who fixed up old Airstreams as respite spaces for folks who had allergic reactions the the toxic building materials in their homes.


Bosom Buddies

Digital sketch executed in Manga Studio on a Cintiq.

A Midwinter Night’s Dream #24

Pen and ink, 1994

A Midwinter Night’s Dream #23

Pen and ink, 1994

A Midwinter Night’s Dream #22

Pen and ink, 1994

A Midwinter Night’s Dream #21

Pen and ink, 1994

A Midwinter Night’s Dreams #20

Pen and ink, 1994

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