Meeting Promethea At The Station

I make a cameo in one of the Promethea Kaballah issues. Words by Alan Moore, art by J.H. Williams 111 and Mick Gray.

We Were Children Playing With Toys

John Totleben and yours truly at some sort of convention. It was 1998 and I was still writing and penciling Swamp Thing. John was working on Miracle Man.  Photo by Ed Symkus

Geek Heil!

I failed high school French (twice) so I’m not really sure what this headline is all about.  All I can do is hope the profile in GEEK MAGAZINE this month doesn’t equate me with Hitler.


From HEARTBURST. Pen, ink, dyes, gouache, colored pencil. 1984.

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A Few More From That Shoot

Eat your heart out, Paul Pope!

Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Punk

This is from a photo shoot done on Stinson Beach, California in 1972. My brother, Tom Veitch, was planning to draw his own comix and needed photo reference so I was drafted as his model. He and I had just sold Ron Turner on bankrolling TWO-FISTED ZOMBIES for Last Gasp and I would soon be winging my way back to Vermont to draw the thing. I was twenty years old.


Yes that’s my mug peeking over the cards in Brian and Kristy Miller’s MASTER DIGITAL COLOR book. The original art is from RARE BIT FIENDS #1 with color by Brian.

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Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Turk

This is Scott McCloud’s drawing after a photo that was taken at the summit meeting where the Creator Bill Of Rights was argued and signed. What year was that; 1986? That’s me, second from right. Bissette, Eastman, Laird, Sim, Gerhard, Marder, Murphy, Zulli and the usual suspects alongside. © Scott McCloud.

Self Publisher Slugfest


Roarin’ Rick goes toe-to-toe with Eddie Campbell’s Bacchus in CEREBUS #204 by Dave Sim and Gerhard. Dave’s doing me with a brush instead of his trusty croquille and it comes out a lot like Greg Irons, doesn’t it? I did the lettering for my character’s word balloons.

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Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Bike Messenger


In 1973, I spent almost a year working as a bike messenger in San Francisco. It was during this time I had the apocalyptic dream series that I drew as comics in 1996. The material first appeared in RARE BIT FIENDS (this piece was the cover to #18) and then was collected in CRYPTO ZOO.

Pen, ink, dye, airbrush and colored pencil.

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