Wheels On Fire For Friedrich

This skull-tastic  T-Shirt is a fundraiser for Gary Friedrich,  the original creator of Ghost Rider.  He’s battling Marvel over what he believes are his rights and in trouble financially (full story here).  Aided and inspired by Ben and Tracy over at World of Strange, myself, Billy Tackett, Stephen Bissette, Bob Burden, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Sam Flega and Denis St. John have collaborated on this exclusive skull themed T-shirt as a fundraiser to help Gary out.  The guy wearing the crown and smoking a cigar is mine.  World of Strange has them for a limited time only at a very affordable $11.99. All profits go to Gary. All glory goes to those who proudly wear the shirt!

Sperm Shirt Shocker: Balls Not Needed!

It has been brought to our attention that the gender requirements for wearing a SPERM shirt, as detailed in our previous post, are invalid. It appears the design, which parodies the well-known Superman logo, has become a favorite of Hollywood starlets. And who among us is ever going to argue with the likes of fabulous femmes Margot Kidder or Carrie Fisher about their choice in personal apparel?

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You Gotta Have Balls To Wear This T-Shirt

If you are so well-endowed, you can order right here.

What A Kidder

The fabulous and feisty Margot Kidder (who played Lois Lane in the Chris Reeve SUPERMAN films) models the latest Rick Veitch T-shirt at San Diego.

These shirts will soon be available at the Poetic License website.  I’ll post a link as soon as I get it.

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Faithful Brush Rag

In the end, my trusty wingman on who-knows-how-many-pages-of-comics took everything I could throw at it.

Aghast at my treatment of this classic retro comics shirt? Be advised that I wore it regularly for a solid decade before pressing it into the service of higher art. Were you to purchase a pristine perfect 1963: MYSTERY INCORPORATED T-Shirt of your own; you’d do the same, I bet.

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That @#*! Shirt

The Hardest Shmoozing Man in Comics, Jeff Newelt, has a great interview with Dan Goldman’s web-comics character Jude Tobin over on Comics Alliance. Naturally, Jeff wore his favorite comics fashion to the gig! If you haven’t got your own DR. BLASPHEMY T-SHIRT yet, or need a replacement after wearing the last one to death, we got ’em in all sizes.

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This Year’s Top Model

We’ve engaged the “it” male model of the moment to showcase our aways-in-style DR. BLASPHEMY T-SHIRT. More than just another pretty face, this fine specimen of modern masculinity projects just the right mix of fresh faced youth and raw sexual charisma to hijack magazine covers everywhere.

If you need a little black @#*! shirt for your wardrobe (and who doesn’t?) just click on the T-SHIRTS department of the KING HELL EMPORIUM over on the right. Order yours and get a FREE GIFT!

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That @#*! Shirt At BEA

Marvel letterer and wild man artist Rick Parker dressed to the nines while taking care of the backed up plumbing at Book Expo of America. Terry Nantier and Jim Salicrup seem delighted with his choice in fashion.

That @#*! Shirt

There’s a very cool series of photo-comic interviews by Seth Kushner over on Act-i-vate.com. The latest, with Eclectic Method’s Jonny Wilson, features Jonny decked out in the infamous Dr. Blasphemy T-shirt. Check out the complete interview here.

And if you wish to order a @#*! T-shirt for your own wardrobe you can do so from that widget up there on the right.

Suddenly, Thirty-Two Years Later

My brother has been running a carpentry business in Vermont since the mid-1970’s. Back when I was at Kubert School, in 1977, he asked me to design a logo for him but never did anything with it. Then this week he showed up with some freshly printed T-Shirts sporting the thirty-two year old design. Holds up pretty good I think!

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